Help us to improve ONA toolbox.

If you find any bug or malfunctioning of the toolbox or you have any further question, please let us know. Send an email to with the Subject 'ONA Toolbox bug'.

We will try to solve your questions and progressively improve the software.


Windows 7 DLL Lisflood missing

In some versions of windows listflood is missing a DLL. You can dowload it here and inset in .pima_adapta_toolbox/lisflood-fp/ folder

SWAN wave propagation model crashes or hydrodynamic results seem unreliable (numerical instabilities).

SWAN model may crash for several reasons. If crashes due to processing time:

  1. Check your computer processing capacity.

  2. Reduce the computational area.

If crashes due to other issues or hydrodynamic results are unreliable:

  1. Check the depth of the offshore boundary. Incoming waves are considered at depths between 30 to 15 m (z< -15 m). Extend the computational area to deeper water.

  2. Check strong gradients or unreliable bottom shapes in the DEM.

If problem persists, please contact with subject 'ONA Toolbox bug'.

Full operative finishes but extreme flooding and erosion does not show

SWAN may have crashed. Check wheter the following statement appears at the terminat or the debugging console: 'XXXX'.

This may happen because the offshore boundary of the computational area is not deep enough.

Please, have a look to the previous question to try to solve the problem.

If problem persists, please contact with subject 'ONA Toolbox bug'.